To create meaningful spaces

Appreciating our past

Knowing where we are now

Seeing where we are going


Here at Mali White, it is strongly believed that design is deeply personal. I love the notion that our homes and collective belongings are the true storytellers of our lives. They can en-capture the most beautiful and meaningful memories of our past, represent where we are in our present lives, and express where we are heading in our future.

Mali White is all about capturing the essence of your story. Finding out what you love, where you've come from and creating a unique and personal place which will represent these values ,nurture and bring inspiration into your future.

The Mali White name is very meaningful to me, and in that sense, falls in line with my brand identity and values perfectly. Mali is an abbreviation of my daughters name. She is the newest person I have been blessed with in my life to love. 
White is my grandfathers surname. He is the oldest person I have ever loved. By bringing these two names together I have connected the past to present and am putting a name and brand out there that represents all I stand for and making it my future. 

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Melissa Bayss