Out of Touch

An excersise of story telling through design, Out of Touch explores the concept of loneliness in high density living, and what role technology has to play in this. 
Inspired by an apartment block I once lived in which was made up of an older generation, everyone talked and checked in on each other on a regular basis. I came to realise that after living in apartments for many years around the city, It was rare that I would interact with my neighbours at all and usually, would not have even met them properly.
There are many factors which have caused this shift in our socialisation, but technology plays a huge role.
We are so busy living out our lives through technology devises that we have some how become a society that doesn’t crave as much face to face interactions nor feel the need to exchange simple pleasantries with our neighbours.
The man in the empty room is my way of asking you, when all the things we can hold in our hands are gone, what and who will you have left? 


Hand made model


At home


March 2019

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